UPDATE: More photos of a snow day in Jasper County

  • Photo courtesy Romona Gaspard Westerfield. A snowman enjoys the winter storm.
  • Photo courtesy Faber family. Emory is having fun in the snow on Bees Creek Road in Ridgeland. The 8 year old is enjoying her visit from Atlanta with her grandfather, Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School athletic director and boys basketball coach Jeremiah Faber.
  • Photo courtesy Dennis Averkin. Ridgeland Town Administrator Dennis Averkin took this snapshot of the storm.
  • Photo courtesy Melissa Fifer. Icicles were on display in Hardeeville courtesy of contributor Melissa Fifer.
  • Photo courtesy Jennifer Meador. It's fun in the snow for Emma at Franklin Circle in Ridgeland
  • Photo courtesy Jennifer Meador. Mason having fun at Franklin Circle in Ridgeland.
  • Photo courtesy Lynn Crosby. Snow touched down in Grays.
  • Klaus Ritter/Special to JCST. Contributor Klaus Ritter captures the scene in Ridgeland
  • Klaus Ritter/Special to JCST. Contributor Klaus Ritter captures the scene in Ridgeland.
  • Sue Jackson/Special to JCST. It’s icy in Hardeeville, evidenced by this bird feeder.
  • Photo courtesy Faber family. A lone shopper at the Harvey’s parking lot in Ridgeland.
  • Thomas Orr/Special to JCST Thomas Orr showcases the snow in Ridgeland.
  • Photo courtesy Melissa Slyh. A snow day is also a fun day for dogs.
  • Photo courtesy Melissa Slyh. Contributor Melissa Slyh offers some pictures with her dog enjoying the snow.
  • Sandra Hall/Jasper County Sun Times. Snow hits Ridgeland late Wednesday morning.
  • Photo courtesy Mylene Owens. Overlooking I-95 on a snowy Wednesday.
  • Shalonda Toomer shows the snow in Wagon Branch
  • Photo courtesy Latoya Scott. The scene at Hearthstone Lakes in Hardeeville
  • Ralpheal Mitchell snaps this shot of the snow.
  • Thomas Orr/Special to JCST Thomas Orr captures the snow in Ridgeland.
  • Photo courtesy Melissa Fifer Snow hits Hardeeville, as captured by contributor Melissa Fifer
  • Photo courtesy Blane Raley. The snow scene in Tillman.
  • Photo courtesy Natalie King. A Cardinal in Ridgeland enjoys the winter weather.

It’s a snow day in Jasper County!

With 2 to 4 inches of snow expected Wednesday, the community is enjoying capturing scenes of the winter storm.

If you have some photos from the winter storm, we invite you to send them to us. We hope to publish some of the pictures online and in an upcoming print edition.

Please use caution and be safe, but if you have some nice snapshots of the snow and ice, email news@jaspercountysun.com.

Be sure to let us know where in the county the photo was taken.

Officials remind residents to limit travel as much as possible during the storm.

Be careful!